Predictive Maintenance and Asset Management Programmes

Predictive Maintenance and Asset Management Programmes

Complete Asset Management Programmes for Rotating Electrical Equipment

Making sure that your equipment runs at top performance isn’t just about carrying out repairs as and when needed. Effective preventative and proactive maintenance can avoid the failure happening in the first place, which means that your assets are at top performance for longer, producing maximum profit.

An Asset Management Programme puts both Customer and Service Provider on the same side of the fence whereby neither party benefits from machine failures and continues a path from reactionary maintenance to one of proactive strategy.

Take advantage of our 25 years of expertise with a fixed term agreement. We will match or reduce your current outsourced maintenance costs and work with you to increase uptime, eliminate catastrophic failure and improve the overall efficiency of your assets. We work to your precise needs and share in the ‘risk and reward’.

Comprehensive Asset Management Programmes

Our programmes are developed with the aim of reducing your costs by preventing failures. We use advanced Condition Based Monitoring techniques, predictive and preventative maintenance techniques as in our Maintain services, but in a comprehensive ‘joined up’ programme. Our computerised diagnostics and asset management expertise stop failures.

The objectives of our programme is to divert the costs of repairs to proactive maintenance activities. Our Manage services are the next step from our Maintain services; we won’t only analyse what needs doing, we’ll do it for you.

So how does it work?

  • Firstly we analyse your repair costs for outsourced services for the past 3 years
  • We identify those machines which are vital to production, ‘problematic’ and expensive to repair
  • We agree a period over which we work together on an ‘ad hoc’ basis with no commitment to either party
  • If after this period, both parties are happy with the progress made we will offer to buy your outsourced maintenance bill for a fixed amount over a fixed period at less than your current costs
  • Working with you we will agree and install an Asset Management Programme covering part or all the plant as agreed

Your benefits:

  • Guaranteed reduced costs
  • You know what you will pay
  • Improved reliability from your plant
  • Spending analysis
  • Root Cause Failure analysis
  • Energy efficient programs
  • Comprehensive customer reports
  • Step-by-step feedback
  • Routine and statutory maintenance
  • Spares are managed and maintained
  • Move repairs and overhauls to planned shutdowns and maintenance windows giving you greater control of your assets performances and improved Uptime
  • Repeat failures and ‘trouble spots’ are engineering out
  • Emergency premiums are reduced

Examples of analysis from complete management programmes:

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