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Are your Ex motors being maintained by an IECEx Certified Service Facility?

IECEx certification confirms that electric motors have the appropriate protection for use in explosive atmospheres and that they have been manufactured under systems subject to ongoing surveillance by IECEx Certification Bodies (ExCBs).

Once installed, to ensure their continued integrity, the maintenance of these machines is important for their continued safe operation. IEC60079-19 is the International Standard for the Overhaul, Repair and Reclamation of such machines.

How does an operator and user of Ex Equipment know that your Ex Service Facility is operating in accordance to the requirements of IEC 60079-19 and returning your Ex Equipment safe for use? Especially in a competitive market?

The IECEx Certified Service Facility Scheme provides the means for Service Facilities to obtain an IECEx certificate. This certificate is intended to provide the international Ex community with confidence such that the Service Facilities can undertake the repair and overhaul work in accordance with the technical and quality system requirements of the IECEx scheme.

The scheme is third party assessed and regularly audited to ensure continued compliance.

CPM Engineering Ltd, recently achieved the status of an IECEx ‘Certified Service Facility’. The reason behind the investment to achieve this certification was to give customers the confidence that their machines meet the standard. It also gives CPM’s directors the peace of mind that the company is operating to the highest levels of workmanship and safety, which were independently assessed by an external body.

CPM have, for many years, been committed to the external certification of specific personnel, as Responsible Persons (RP’s), which has allowed the Company to repair ‘Ex’ equipment. This in itself was acceptable, but to achieve ‘Certified Service Facility’ status for the repair and overhaul of Ex equipment, CPMs complete quality assurance system was audited for compliance to IEC 60079-19 The company needed to demonstrate:

  • A documented quality management system
  • Documented repair process controls
  • Effective control of all repair processes
  • Control systems for any sub-contractors
  • Effective control of measurement & test equipment with full traceability to international standards
  • Sufficient plant and equipment to process Ex equipment within the scope
  • Competent Operatives and Responsible Persons

By achieving ‘Certified Service Facility’ status, CPM has shown that the required procedures are in place for CPM Engineering Ltd to be fully compliant with IEC 60079-19.

The only way an end user can be assured of the integrity of their Ex equipment, is by ensuring the repair and overhaul, is completed in accordance with the requirements of IEC 60079-19 and the return of your Ex equipment safe for use. (See extract from IEC 60079-19)

IEC 60079-19 specifies in clause 4.3.4

“It is the responsibility of the user to ascertain that the repair facility concerned can demonstrate compliance with the relevant stipulations in this standard”

By attaining ‘Certified Service Facility’ status we can demonstrate to you as the end user/customer, that we are fully compliant with IEC 60079-19

By gaining this certification CPM have achieved the required technical competency needed to show that we have applied the requirements of 60079-19, during the repair and overhaul of your equipment. (See extract from IEC 60079-19)


IEC 60079-19 Clause

“the repair facility shall appoint a person (“Responsible Person”) with the required competency (see annex B), within the management organisation, to accept responsibility and authority for ensuring that the overhauled/repaired equipment complies with the certification status agreed with the user. The person shall have a working knowledge of the appropriate explosion protection standards and an understanding of this standard.”

The IECEx Service Facility Certificate of Conformity enables an Ex Equipment User to have confidence that robust systems are in place and monitored, within the Service Facility, to ensure that your Ex equipment will be overhauled and repaired in compliance with IEC 60079- 19, to the certification status as agreed with the Service Facility and that the equipment will be safe to put back in to service on its return.