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Case Study: Over 50 Smart Sensors Installed for a Single Customer

During the last quarter, CPM completed the installation of over 50 smart sensors on a customer’s critical production lines.

CPM’s Smart Sensors Offer

We invest in our customer’s plant by supplying and installing the sensors and encompassing the ‘CPM Offer’ as part of a fixed term agreement. CPM can provide different service packages and also enter into a ‘risk and reward agreement’ whereby CPM pay for all repairs for a fixed monthly fee.

Saving Money While Working Smarter

We consider smart sensors to be a big leap in the modernisation of the predictive maintenance field which would eventually replace the traditional labour intensive route based monitoring.Rishi Hirani

This customer’s traditional monitoring CBM techniques were slow and expensive and critical units were often only monitored every 4-7 weeks. CPM’s Smart Sensors cut down the monitoring period to every hour and therefore making predictive decisions more accurate with more data. This will allow our customers access to the next level in reliability and predictive maintenance techniques.

Real-time data and analytics compares the machines with other similar ones and help us to accurately predict what condition the equipment is in and how its trending and therefore what intervention might be needed to avoid it failing.