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Gearboxes and EASA: Best practice repairs

No one disputes that gearbox overhauls and repairs need to be as good as when the machine was originally manufactured but being EASA-certified, CPM takes it a stage further.

The EASA Accreditation Programme was devised specifically for electric motors but with all gearboxes incorporating a drive source, the benefits extend to the driven component also.

Electric motors repaired by EASA-certified companies must achieve the stated levels of reliability and energy efficiency. A motor labelled with the authority’s logo is of the highest quality.

The gearbox and drive motor – whether it’s directly coupled, belt-driven, integral or synchronous – will benefit from CPM’s accreditation:

Energy consumption is reduced

The amount of energy a motor-powered gearbox uses is returned to its original design as the machine’s efficiency is maintained thanks to the strict practices we follow in the repair as specified by EASA.

Less vibration

Incorrectly aligned systems vibrate, which is a potential safety hazard to the couplings, mountings and structures. It may also have an adverse effect on the quality of the product. In direct coupled units, these are aligned as part of the repair or overhaul; in instances of free standing gearboxes, CPM can install and laser-align them on site.

Lower maintenance costs

The need for ongoing repairs is reduced, as an initially aligned motor/gearbox system needs less maintenance when subjected to periodic checks.

Longer life of components

The lifetime of the seals, bearings, shafts and gears is extended, and the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) is maximised.

Although the need for maintenance may be lower, our General Manager Designate Rishi Hirani emphasises it is still crucial, in our view, that you arrange for routine check-ups of your gearboxes as part of PMs and PPMs.

“Once installed, the motor and gearbox should give years of trouble-free operation,” he explains. “Motor current and alignment checks, periodic monitoring for vibration, operating temperature, and lubrication leaks, levels and condition are recommended.”

Fortunately, CPM Engineering are accredited by EASA and offer a range of services that may help you prevent gearbox problems.

Labelling repaired electric motors with EASA’s logo is our promise to you that your machine will function efficiently, as will its driven component. They are both guaranteed to be returned to their original manufactured condition and every machine repaired at CPM is properly tested in our simulation facility.

We can sort your gearbox out in as little as 24h but it will of course depend on its condition, size and material it’s made of. If it needs to be rebuilt, CPM will always do it quicker than the manufacturer, who often needs a few weeks.

If you have concerns or want a second opinion on any gearbox application, call us now on 0161 865 6161.