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Repair, Replace, Manage, Maintain – CPM Philosophy

Repairing should only be one aspect of a maintenance programme. CPM believe that they need to have the capability to offer the customer the best option in every instance in order to achieve the best return for every £ spent. That is why CPM developed the REPAIR REPLACE MANAGE MAINTAIN philosophy which means every solution is tailor made for you.

Stopping machines failing through our CBM Maintain programmes or managing the maintenance of customers equipment via our Manage schemes are the way forward for some but also the decision of when to Repair and when to Replace your electric motors, pumps, gearboxes, heat exchangers etc to maximum returns is also important.

A graphic containing the word Repair

A graphic containing the word Replace

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A graphic containing the word Maintain

From emergency repairs to scheduled maintenance plans and our area of expertise is root cause analysis. Helping you to identify underlying problems and rectifying them before they cause a breakdown. Contact us to discuss your site.