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The Challenge: What Happens When Replacement Parts Cannot Be Obtained?

We know how important it is to reduce downtime by getting your production assets repaired as quickly as possible.

Ensuring you can access replacement parts when you need them is crucial.

That’s why we can supply replacement parts or manufacture what you need to OEM standards or better. This is particularly helpful if you have ageing equipment, and the parts are hard to get or obsolete.

Manufacturing parts when replacements are hard to get or obsolete – case study

We had a good example of this recently when a customer in the chemical industry needed help with an urgent repair of a pump that was critical to their operation.

We worked closely with the customer to learn more about the process as well as the ongoing problems. Due to the age of the equipment, it wasn’t possible to obtain replacement parts without causing a significant delay leading to downtime and loss of production.

Instead, we opted to try a rather unconventional solution – to re-build the damaged impeller.  This meant the site was able to get back to full manufacturing capability more quickly. In addition, due to the structural design improvements, we managed to achieve a much more efficient flow of the pump.

Manufacturing parts to modernise machines – case study

In-house manufacturing capabilities of parts means you can modernise the machine, plus you can customise it to perfectly suit the application, improving production output.

A short while ago, a customer approached us with drier fan motors that had repetitive failures due to the fan going out of balance. This was leading to the failure of the motors and ongoing loss of production.

By understanding the application and process-related issues, we worked closely with the client to re-design the bearing arrangement on the motor and fan to prevent failures.

We then went one step further by altering the chemical composition of the paint to prevent adherence of the product to the surface of the fan. These changes meant that motors would be more robust in the harsh environment in which the units are operating, and the customer is now enjoying a significantly improved MTBF.

“Understanding our customers is key. Knowing the customer, the application and history of the machine means we can come up with the best solution to obtain or manufacture replacement parts and extend the life of the asset.” Rishi Hirani, General Manager.

Manufacturing for improved performance

Manufacturing whatever parts you need

We can manufacture the parts you need for pumps, gearboxes, motors and any other electro-mechanical equipment up to 15 tonnes in our state-of-the-art facility in Trafford Park, Manchester.

Where OEM information is no longer available our engineers can reverse engineer worn components accurately, enabling us to look at the best materials to suit individual applications.

“We have technical and test data going back 30 – 40 years on thousands of rotating machines. This means we have a reference to compare against to ensure the OEM standard can be maintained or improved. Quality repairs result in maximum up-time and output from your assets.” Rishi Hirani, General Manager

What’s special about our approach?

All rotating machines are manufactured to a particular standard. Our objective is to return your machine to its original standard or higher.

  • Expertise – a great machinist can manufacture a component based on original drawings. But at CPM Engineering, our engineers are not just great machinists, they are also trained to develop their own designs and specifications. This means we can produce the best components for your specific application.
  • Partnership – there are instances where changes during the repair stage can improve the performance or resistance to environmental conditions, therefore increasing MTBF.
  • That’s why we work closely with you to understand the machine’s application. As a result, the solution can be fully customised to suit the application of the machine on your site, promoting productivity and efficiency, often beyond its performance before the repair.
  • Reliability – after the repair and before the equipment is returned to you, it will undergo our extensive on-site testing regime which is second to none in our industry. This gives you peace of mind to know you can reinstall with confidence.

Let us help

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