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From emergency repairs to scheduled maintenance we focus on root cause failure analysis. This helps our customers to identify underlying problems and rectifying them before they result in a breakdown. At CPM we believe that we need to have the capability to offer the customer the best option in every instance in order to achieve Read more…

What do customers tell us they need?

The top 10 selection criteria for choosing an Electro Mechanical Service provider: The number one answer, ‘Quality of Service Work’, has been the most important factor for the last 3 surveys back to 2003! The second most important criteria, ‘Knowledge and Availability of Field Engineers’ has not been seen in the top 10 before, showing Read more…

Holiday Maintenance Services

Holiday Shutdown Cover Plant shutdowns are one of the most critical times in the operation of a plant. Shutdowns have a profound ability to affect the plant’s financial future in either a positive or negative way. A shutdown that is poorly planned, exceeds its deadline, or goes past its budget can negatively impact the plant’s Read more…

Intelligent Motors

Servo motors are expected to exceed 12 billion dollars worldwide in the next few years and are becoming an everyday occurrence in automated processes. Much is written about their features and capabilities but not so much about their maintenance and repair. So should they be repaired just like any other electric motor?

Smart Sensors

What is predictive maintenance? Predictive maintenance is more or less what it says, it is a systematic method which helps determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to predict when maintenance should be performed. What are Smart Sensors? As the cost of sensors tumble it now makes continual monitoring of machines affordable with all Read more…

Our People – Brainwave Charity

We are just as passionate about our charity work. Close to our hearts is the charity Brainwave. We believe in a world where every child with disabilities reaches their potential. CPM and our sister company NDC staff very actively support this cause.

Repair, Replace, Manage, Maintain – CPM Philosophy

Repairing should only be one aspect of a maintenance programme. CPM believe that they need to have the capability to offer the customer the best option in every instance in order to achieve the best return for every £ spent. That is why CPM developed the REPAIR REPLACE MANAGE MAINTAIN philosophy which means every solution is tailor made for you.

Predictive, Preventative & Reactive Maintenance – Where do you sit?

Post War and into the industrial age maintenance has become an important everyday practice for most companies. Initially maintenance was based around corrective actions, a “fix it when it broke” – reactive approach. From there an evolution in maintenance professionals have added more and more proactive elements to their maintenance strategy – preventative.

Plant Maintenance Budgeting – an overview from CPM

Approaches Clearly a core responsibility of a Maintenance Manager, but budgeting can be a minefield as there are so many different ways it can and is done in different organisations. But whatever your method, it has a clear impact – either positively or negatively on the business. Normally blocks of budget are assigned for the Read more…

What our Customers say about us

At CPM we recognise that repairing rotating equipment when the customer needs it, to a reliable standard and at a cost which doesn’t break the bank is vital when equipment fails but that’s only part of the story. Ensuring the maximum life of the repair is where there are big savings to me made. We Read more…