Give your machines a free Christmas elf check

It’s that time of year again, Christmas adverts are everywhere, and everyone gets a well deserved rest except Santa and the CPM team, like many your production line will likely shut down for a week, maybe even two, unlike many, here at CPM, ours wont.

This means CPM can provide a strategic advantage to you over the rest of the competition.

With no additional charges, a machine removal and reinstallation service, and an advance booking discount, Christmas has really come early for our clients this year!

Christmas shutdown is often the cornerstone of a planned maintenance approach, with two weeks where any item of plant within your factory can be removed and sent away for repair without affecting production or performance targets.

Planned maintenance can save you tens of thousands of pounds a year, and there is no better time to make a fresh start with it than the Christmas shutdown.

This is the perfect time to make sure your machines are ready for next year, with CPM teams present 24/7 over Christmas and New Year you can make sure you have everything wrapped up, and hand over your equipment to our guys for repair.

With a free health check available for your motors, gearboxes and pumps, we can even make sure you only send the units which are most in need of some Christmas cheer, over what others call, the holidays…

Maintain Dynamic Balancing

Several years ago we helped a client who had some staff shortages to assess their equipment and remove those most in need of repair…

“With Christmas coming everyone has holiday to take, and without the help of the CPM team I wouldn’t have had the time or the staff to get my motors off site and repaired while we were on shutdown”.

From then on every year we have provided this service to a growing number of clients, and this year is no exception. With dozens already booked in for the free health check, places between now and the New Year are already running out!

It’s no great surprise to us, the on-site health check condition monitoring service can pinpoint machines which need urgent repair, and those which do not. With ever tighter budgets this is proving to be a popular service for many clients.

The savings can be enormous, as shown in the chart below, with primary costs being the cost of the repair if it is tackled before machine failure, and secondary costs being the result additional damage caused by running the motor to fail.  More details on how a planned maintenance approach can save you money can be found in our October newsletter here

cpm graph

So how do we do it?

Simple, using a range of techniques, including vibration monitoring and thermo graphic imaging and most importantly, experience , CPM will work with you to establish which bearings in which machines are in most need of replacement, and which will make it another 6 months or even a year without failure.

This can save our clients a significant amount of money, and ensure they are prepared for every eventuality, whether that is planning future downtime for repairs, or knowing when to switch to a new unit the information gained from the free CPM health check is invaluable.

The Christmas elf check can:

If you would like to learn more about how the CPM team can make your holiday more relaxing, save you money and help you plan for the future this Christmas call one of the team today to book now before it’s too late.